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Tired of the endless routines of ordering products for your business? Yeah, we get it. The last thing anyone dreams of is spending quality life moments on a shopping spree for plates. Wouldn't you rather be plotting world domination, perfecting your shuffleboard skills, or even pondering the cosmic mysteries of your cat's fascination with laser pointers? We thought so. Enter Price Paper, the valiant saviors of your time and sanity. With us at the helm, you'll have more hours to expand your empire, coach mini Messis in soccer, and nail that captain's pose on your imaginary yacht. Let's face it, life's too short for paper product shenanigans, and that's exactly where Price Paper marches in with a cape (figuratively speaking).

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Why wrestle with search bars like they're pop quiz questions? Our human intelligence trumps AI any day. With a combined experience spanning over 300 years, our real-life experts aren't bots; they're your culinary comrades. Imagine ditching Google marathons trying to find packaging for Grandma's pot pie recipe in favor of a quick chat with someone who knows their onions (and pot pies). It's like having a teacher slip you the answer sheet mid-exam. Rather invest your time birthing a brilliant business idea or soaking up Aruba's sun, right? We're not just a company; we're your shortcut to samples you can touch, options you can grasp, and choices that fit like a chef's kiss. No more return-refund rigmarole. We ace it from the get-go.

A targeted variety of products to suit your needs.

  • Want eco-friendly products? We have them.
  • Want something to showcase your product? We have them.
  • Need something inexpensive to fill a need? We have that as well.
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The value of dealing with a local veteran-owned small business

  • We are a small business, so we understand small business. We have similar challenges and similar needs.
  • We’re nimble and can adapt quickly.
  • We’re local, and buying from us helps support the local economy, which in turn helps support our customers. The money never leaves our area.
  • While our competitors flex their massive warehouses, fixated on corporate profits, we've got a different approach. We're focused on you. Does the water's depth matter(5 feet or 200 feet) when you're swimming? Nope. Similarly, warehouse size doesn't matter; what matters is timely delivery. Unlike the big corps, we're all about your business value.
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We save you time at no extra cost

  • Choose your convenience. Online, text, call, email, or we’ll even drop by. Our team can visit to check inventory and create orders for you also.
  • Ease in paying. Choose check, credit, debit, Zelle, Chase Bill Pay, or ACH. We can even auto-debit your bills from your bank when they're due, cutting your clock.
  • Swift online orders. Arrange purchases as you track inventory – no more digging through endless product lists. We'll even drop by to set it all up at your place.
  • Meet reliability. Our Price Paper team sticks around. Your delivery pro becomes a familiar face, showing up almost every time you order (they do sneak in some vacations). They'll even master your preferences – upstairs for foil rolls, basement for takeout containers. Your process becomes their mission.

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