Wrapping Up Sloppy Goodness

You have this creation, and it's so hot and delicious that your mouth waters every time you think of it. You keep a bottle of Tums handy just in case you can actually finish eating all of it. But there’s one problem - it’s a mess. We call this “sloppy goodness.” The melted cheese, the special sauce, the aioli, whatever, it just leaks all over and destroys the paper wrapping it. But that’s flavor country, and it wouldn’t be the same without it, right? Of course, so we need to step up our game and use the right packaging. Here goes some suggestions, with their pros and cons:

Wax paper: CONS: it’s bad for this application; don’t use it. See why  here.

Roll foil and Pop-up foil sheets

  • These are typically 12-inch foil rolls or 12” x 10” sheets that feed from a dispenser box


  • Handles heat and liquids well; it won't melt or dissolve
  • Provides some insulation
  •  Rolls can be pulled to the length needed
  • Pop-up sheets are easy to grab from the dispenser box when in a hurry
  • Cost-effective compared to similar alternatives


  • Difficult to work with; tears easily creating waste
  • Can only be written on with a marker
  • Easily damaged if not handled carefully
  • Difficult for the customer to unwrap without tearing
  • While aluminum is recyclable, it usually ends up in the waste stream when used for food packaging.

Cushion Foil - foil and paper sheets had a baby

  • It comes in a standard 14”x16” sheet where one side is foil and the other is paper, combining the best qualities of both.


  • Handles the “sloppy goodness” with the aluminum side facing the food
  • Provides insulation
  • Easy to write on with the paper side out
  • Doesn’t tear easily


  • More expensive than foil rolls and sheets
  • The larger sheet size can be wasted on smaller food product
  • Since the foil can’t be separated from the paper, this is a no-go when it comes to Eco-friendly
  • The sheets come in a flat pack, no easy dispenser, and they take up some space.

Food Guard 

  • Paper that is specially coated on one side to resist moisture


  • Handles the “sloppy goodness”
  • Doesn’t tear easily
  • Easy to write on 
  • Rolls are easily mounted out of the way but within easy reach
  • Can be pulled to the length needed, reducing waste
  • Cost-effective
  • Made from paper


  • Does not insulate as well as foil or cushion foil
  • Only available in rolls

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